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Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

How to Configure an IP Reputation Pool

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An IP reputation pool is a group of IP addresses that you can use in the network ACLs for a service. Each pool can include the following types of IP addresses:

  • Geo Pool – List of geographical regions. You can create multiple pools with different geographical regions.
  • Anonymous Proxy – The IP addresses of proxies that hide the identifying information of client computers.
  • Satellite Provider – The IP addresses of satellite ISPs.

Traffic arriving at a service from the IP addresses in the IP reputation pool are blocked or denied, according to the network ACLs for the service.

Create an IP Reputation Pool

To create an IP reputation pool:

  1. Go to the NETWORK > IP Reputation page.
  2. In the Add IP Reputation Pool section, enter a name for the pool and select the types of IP addresses that you want to include in the pool.
    1. If you want to include all geographical regions, select the Geo Pool check box.
    2. If you want to include only certain geographical regions, click Expand to find and select the regions.
  3. Click Save. The new IP reputation pool appears in the IP Reputation Pools section.

You can add the IP reputation pool to the network ACL for a service on the NETWORK > Network Firewall page.

Edit an IP Reputation Pool

Configured IP reputation pools are listed in IP Reputation Pools section of the NETWORK > IP Reputation page.

To edit an IP reputation pool, click Edit (adc_edit_icon.png). To delete an IP reputation pool, click Delete (adc_trash_can.png).

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