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Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

How to Configure Service Groups and Service Group Persistence

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You can assign a service to a service group by navigating to the BASIC > Services page, selecting the service in the left pane, and entering the name of the Service Group in the Group field in the Service Configuration section. If you assign multiple services to the same Service Group and those services share the same set of servers, you can also configure Persistence for the Service Group. Persistence helps to ensure an uninterrupted connection between a client and a server being load balanced behind the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC.

Be aware of the following when configuring service groups:

  • By default, new services are created under the default service group.
  • You can name the service group while creating a service by specifying a string on the right with the Group field on the Add Service page.
  • You can move the services from one group to another by changing the Name of the Group field on Edit service.

To enable Service Group Persistence, set Persistence to Source IP and assign a Persistence Netmask and a Persistence Time in seconds. With Service Group Persistence enabled, a client's connection to a server is maintained even if the client switches to a different service, so long as that service is included in the Service Group and the Server is configured for both services. After the Persistence Time has expired, the client can be switched to a different server the next time it attempts to switch to a different service.

If you configure service group persistence, service level persistence is ignored.

Barracuda recommends that you configure all of the services specified under a service group with the same Server Monitor Testing Method (for service group persistence). To accomplish this, configure a Monitor Group (TRAFFIC > Monitor Groups) with all of the testing methods needed. And then configure the new Monitor Group for each service (BASIC > Services, go to the Server Monitor section, open the Testing Method drop down menu, and scroll to the bottom for the Monitor Groups).
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