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Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

How to Configure a GSLB Region-Based Failover Policy

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You can configure GSLB for internal and external users using the same host name (FQDN) by configuring a region-based failover policy. If a configured site IP address fails for a particular region, the region-based failover policy can redirect traffic to a Failover IP. You can configure the region-based failover policy to have an internal IP for internal clients and external IP for external clients. A region-based failover IP address can be configured either by editing the Region or while configuring a new Site for the Region.

To configure a region-based failover policy, you begin by configuring two different regions, one for internal clients and one for external clients:

  1. For Internal clients, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to the Traffic > GSLB Settings page.
    2. In the GSLB Regions section, click Add Custom Region.
    3. In the Add Custom Region pop-up window, name the region Internal and select the geographic region from where traffic is not expected.
  2. For External clients, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Add Custom Region.
    2. In the Add Custom Region pop-up window, name the region External and select the geographic regions you want to serve traffic to.
  3. In the Geo Location override section, add the client IP address range corresponding to the IP address range used for the clients in the Internal custom region.

  4. Navigate to the Traffic > GSLB Services page. Configure the GSLB service:

    1. Specify the Site IP Address.

    2. Configure the required FQDN by specifying the previously configured Internal and External region-based response policies. Set the Response Policy drop down menu to Region Only.

External clients are now redirected to the external site IP addresses and internal clients are redirected to internal site IP addresses.

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