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Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

What are the supported backup methods for the Barracuda Load Balancer?

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All Barracuda Load Balancers, all firmware versions.

The Advanced > Backup page lets you back up and restore the configuration of your Barracuda Load Balancer. You should back up your system on a regular basis in case you need to restore this information on a replacement Barracuda Load Balancer or in the event your current system data becomes corrupt. If you are restoring a backup file on a new Barracuda Load Balancer that is not configured, you need to assign your new system an IP address and DNS information on the Basic > IP Configuration page. Note the following about the backup files:
  • Do not edit backup files. Any configuration changes you want to make need to be done through the Web interface. The configuration backup file contains a checksum that prevents the file from being uploaded to the system if any changes are made.
  • You can safely view a backup file in Windows WordPad or Microsoft Word. You should avoid viewing backup files in Windows Notepad because the file can become corrupted if you save the file from this application. 
  • The following information is not included in the backup file: 
    • System password 
    • System IP information 
    • DNS information
In addition to manual backups, automated backups allow the appliance to automatically create backup files and store them on a remote server. Before enabling Automated Backups, it is advised to test the remote server. Click the Test Backup Server button after supplying all of the connection details to ensure the remote server is capable of storing backup files.

The Barracuda Load Balancer supports automated FTP and SMB configuration backups. The automatic backups on the Barracuda devices are scheduled each day at midnight, so you may need to wait a full day before the first backups will be sent to the backup server.

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