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Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

How can I create an http to https redirect rule on my Load Balancer ADC?

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution # 00006752

Load Balancer ADC, model 540 and higher, all firmware versions.

To force all inbound HTTP requests for a service to HTTPS on the Load Balancer, two services must be created. One for SSL Offloading and a standard HTTP service with no real servers added.

Create an HTTP service using the same VIP as the HTTPS service and set the HTTP port (typically port 80). Edit that service and ensure you Set Application security to ON

Create the HTTPS service using the same VIP as the HTTP service and set the HTTPS port.  (typically port 443)

Go to Security > Allow/Deny Rules and add a rule under URL: Allow/Deny Rules. Set Action to Redirect. Specify Redirect URL

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