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Barracuda RMM
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Upgrading an OnSite Manager from 12.6.x to 2023.4 (and beyond)

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The Barracuda RMM Support Team has been fielding some questions on how to upgrade Onsite Managers from a deprecated version, most notably those from 12.6.x. This article will serve as a one-stop-shop for upgrading from versions in early 2022 to something more current. What you can expect this article to cover is as follows:

  • Deprecated Operating Systems and what to do
  • Migrating an Onsite Manager
  • Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server Express
  • Upgrade Path for Onsite Managers

Deprecated Operating Systems and what to do

If the site Onsite Managers is on Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2, or even Server 2016, you will want to move that Onsite Manager to a current operating system. Barracuda RMM supports Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise, Windows 11 Pro / Enterprise, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022. Any of those offers would work to be able to handle most Onsite Managers without issues. So what do you do next?

Migrating an Onsite Manager

Please follow the How to Migrate an Onsite Manager Manually article to move your Onsiote Manager onto a current server offering. 

Barracuda RMM Support Team Note

This migration will install Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Express, and thus will not require to upgrade the SQL Server once it it is attached. You will, however, need to update the compatibility in the Database Options after you have completed your migration and installation.

Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server Express

If you only need to update SQL Server Express, then the Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server Express for use with Barracuda RMM article will be helpful to you. However, if your Onsite Manager is still out of date, please use the steps below.

Upgrade Path for Onsite Managers

The following will be the most direct path for upgrading all Onsite Managers from 12.6.0 to the current release. You can run the Onsite Manager installer over the top to upgrade. Simply follow these in order. If your Onsite Manger is no more than two release versions back, you can use the Update Center in your Barracuda RMM Service Center to upgrade. If, for any reason, that fails, you can refer to this article as well.

Barracuda RMM 2023.1  (January 21st, 2023)

Minimum required version:

  • Onsite Manager (
    • Note: You must upgrade the Microsoft SQL Server Express steps as linked above before installing this version of the Onsite Manager.
    • Also note: If your device is Server 2016 or earlier, you must do the Migrating an Onsite Manager steps as listed above.
  • Release Notes

Barracuda RMM 2023.3   (2023.3.0.85359) (July 24th, 2023)

Minimum required version:  2023.1

Barracuda RMM 2023.4   (2023.3.0.85359) (Jan 8th, 2024)

Minimum required version:  2023.2

Barracuda RMM Support Team Note

Barracuda RMM and the Support Team only offer support for no more than two versions back from current. In this article, 2023.4 is the latest version, so we will only support as far back as 2023.2 technically. It is vital to keep up to date.