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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Download Barracuda RMM

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Barracuda RMM 2023.3 requires Microsoft .NET 4.8. If you attempt to install 2023.3 without Microsoft .NET 4.8, the install will not proceed.

The install process offers you the option to install Microsoft .NET 4.8. If you don't have Microsoft .NET 4.8 on all servers, you can use the Barracuda RMM installer to install it. Microsoft .NET 4.8 may require one or more reboots.

If you didn't do so for the previous version, after upgrading to 2023.3, to use Premium Remote Control, download a new Premium Remote Control client to the Technician's computer. See the Installing Premium Remote Control on a Technician's PC procedure on this page. Connections with the old Premium Remote Control clients fail.

To download Barracuda RMM, see either of the following:

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