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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Setup Guide - Hosted

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Select this guide if you are a Managed Service Provider leveraging a hosted platform, either Managed Workplace cloud or other. Includes System Requirements.

This section provides detailed information about the following topics:

  • Architecture Overview: This section provides new users with an overview of the Barracuda Managed Workplace architecture and introduces the concepts you should understand before beginning.
  • Installing Service Center - Hosted: This section provides you with the system requirements for Barracuda Managed Workplace components.    
    More importantly, guidance is provided to help you predict the hardware and deployment choices you will need as your managed services practice grows.  
  • Installing Onsite Manager, Device Manager, and Support Assistant - Hosted: This section provides the procedures you must follow to install Onsite Manager, Device Manager, and Support Assistant.
  • Backing Up and Restoring Databases - Hosted: This section explains using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to create back ups of your Barracuda Managed Workplace databases and restore them.
  • Upgrading Barracuda Managed Workplace - Hosted: This section provides instructions on upgrading Service Center, Onsite Manager, Device Manager, and Support Assistant.
  • Moving Barracuda Managed Workplace - Hosted: This section describes how you can move a Barracuda Managed Workplace installation between servers. This may be required in disaster recovery situations or when you need to upgrade hardware and deployment options to accommodate business growth.
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