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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Backing Up Databases - Hosted

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Barracuda Managed Workplace uses Microsoft SQL Server databases for its data repository. Backing up your databases daily lets you respond quickly to failures and maintain high-availability for your customers. Back ups should also be created before upgrading, applying hotfixes or Barracuda Managed Workplace Feature Packs to your production servers. Database backups should be done using a method that results in the SQL engine backing up the database (creating a checkpoint). Windows file level backups (backing up .mdf or .ldf files) is not recommended and can cause problems.

The Barracuda Managed Workplace databases that must be backed up are shown in the table below.

Database Name
Onsite Manager
  • MWData

Note: Back up the user databases frequently to ensure the transaction logs do not become full. Daily differential back ups or weekly full back ups are recommended to manage log file growth.

Best Practice: Perform a full back up of the program directories of Service Onsite Manager and its associated foundation technologies. This will allow you to examine the file system in the event of failure, including parsing text log files for relevant errors and scanning executables for malware infection.

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