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Viewing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Dashboards

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On the Symantec Endpoint Protection dashboards, you can get a summary view about the health and protection status of a site, all sites, or a single device.

There are three Symantec Endpoint Protection dashboards available:

the Multi-Site Overview dashboard provides an aggregated look at the number of active alerts, protected sites, infected sites, and at risk sites for Symantec Endpoint Protection across all sites. It displays a Multisite Health Summary pie chart and an aggregated status of licenses across sites.

  • the site-level Symantec Endpoint Protection dashboard provides details about the number of alerts, infected endpoints, and at-risk endpoints at a site. A Network Health Summary section displays the number of total, infected, healthy, and at risk endpoints at the site. The site-level dashboard also provides details about the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager at the site, including the license status.
  • the device-level Symantec Endpoint Protection dashboard provides details about the computer status, protection summary, and an overview of the client management status.
To view the Multi-Site Endpoint Protection dashboard
  1. In Service Center, click Status and then click Service Modules.
  2. Click Symantec Endpoint Protection on the right sidebar.
To view the Endpoint Protection Site dashboard

•On the Central Dashboard, click the Endpoint Protection icon for a site:

- 1.png

Tip: You can also access the Endpoint Protection site dashboard

from the Endpoint Protection Multi-Site Overview dashboard, by clicking the site name.

To view the Endpoint Protection Device dashboard

  1. From the Endpoint Protection site dashboard, in the Network Health Summary section, click one of the endpoint links.
  2. From the device list, click the name of a device.
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