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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Salesforce Service Desk Module

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Built on the Service Desk Connector Framework, the Salesforce Connector facilitates a deep integration that allows Partners to take simultaneous advantage of the capabilities in Barracuda Managed Workplace 2012 and the flexibility made possible by Salesforce APIs.

The Salesforce Connector allows you to:

•Synchronize information between systems for all discovered devices, including those that support WMI and/or SNMP management protocols, mobile devices and those without management protocols or agents which respond to a ping.

•Easily configure bi-directional synchronization of ticketing.

•Link Barracuda Managed Workplace sites to Salesforce accounts.

•Map Barracuda Managed Workplace users to Salesforce users to coordinate ticket and case assignments.

The following table lists the Service Center asset information fields and their corresponding Salesforce asset fields. You can use this table as a reference for synchronizing information about discovered devices between the two systems:

Service CenterSalesforce
Display NameName/Device Name                                 
Custom Warranty > Vendor WarrantyWarranty Date
Date DiscoveredInstalled Date
Asset TagAsset Tag
IP AddressIP Address
MAC AddressMAC Address
Device RoleDevice Type
DeviceGUIDDevice Guid
Install DateInstallDate
Is ActiveIsActive
Management Linkmanagementlink

When integrated, Salesforce links directly to the Device page in Service Center so you can quickly gather more information about a problem device, and from the Device page, you can use the Remote Tools to take rapid remedial action as required.

Note: In order for the connector to work you need to have Barracuda Managed Workplace 2011 R3 Feature Pack 1 or later.

Note: Integration is possible only with Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce.

To significantly minimize onboarding time, the Barracuda Managed Workplace Salesforce Connector is designed so that the integration can be configured in a few simple steps using a process that includes pre-populated fields and field validations. During setup, you can map entities between Barracuda Managed Workplace and Salesforce such as accounts, tickets, users and more, set security credentials for communications, and configure a schedule for updating asset data.


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