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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Troubleshooting Salesforce Service Desk Integrations

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Troubleshooting Salesforce Service Desk Integrations

Most of the configuration errors that can occur will be identified as you perform the integration steps. This is because the configuration is checked at each stage and meaningful errors will be returned if incorrect credentials or URLs have been provided.

Investigating Ticket Synchronization Issues

The Ticket Management page in Service Center has a Salesforce column added once the integration has been completed successfully. This column displays the Salesforce case number as a hyperlink. Clicking the hyperlink will open the the case in Salesforce.

Errors are displayed in this column which provide information on why the case number has not been successfully displayed. Provide this information to Technical Support when calling for assistance.

Investigating Asset Synchronization Issues

Barracuda Managed Workplace logs all daily and manually requested asset synchronizations with Salesforce. You can view the text-based log files or download these share with Technical Support.

  1. In Service Center, click Configuration > Service Desks.
  2. Click Salesforce Service Desk Module.
  3. Click Asset Synchronization.
  4. Click View Log for the occurrence you wish to view.
  5. Choose to save the file from your text viewer if you need to share the file with Technical Support.


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