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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Tigerpaw Service Desk Module

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Barracuda Managed Workplace offers bidirectional ticket synchronization with Tigerpaw 15.1.8. When a ticket is created in Barracuda Managed Workplace as the result of an alert being triggered or when you manually create a ticket in Barracuda Managed Workplace, a service order will also be created in Tigerpaw. Once created, any updates to the status of the ticket made in either system will be synchronized with the other. You can also add resolution notes to a ticket when closing it. Both the notes and the ticket closing will be synchronized between systems.

The Barracuda Managed Workplace integration with Tigerpaw also includes

the following:

•Device synchronization and asset synchronization for workstations, servers, printers, mobile devices, and more

• Quick links for seamless workflow

The following table lists the Service Center asset information fields and their corresponding Tigerpaw asset fields. You can use this table as a reference for synchronizing information about discovered devices between the two systems:

Service CenterTigerpaw
Display NameAsset Name                                         
Device TypeAsset Type
(MW Device Page)Asset URL
IP Address (All, comma-delimited)IP

MAC Address (All, comma-delimited,

order matches IP)

(OS) Name + VersionOS
Inventory TagSerial#
SNMP DescriptionDescription
Last Logged In UserLast Logged In User

Perform the integration by completing the following tasks:

Migrating From a Legacy Tigerpaw Integration

Setting Up a New Tigerpaw Integration

Configuring Service Center


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