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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Setting Up and Enabling Integrations with Tigerpaw

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The following section describes how to enable and make the Tigerpaw integration public to VARs so that they can integrate their Virtual Service Center with Tigerpaw.

  1. In the Hosted Console website, click Configuration > Service Desks.
  2. Click Add, then select Tigerpaw.
  3. Ensure the Enable check box is selected.
    This will ensure the integration is enabled and ready to communicate with Tigerpaw.
  4. In the Service Identification section, modify the Name and Description, if required.
  5. If desired, click the Advanced Settings button.

    We recommend you don’t edit the Advanced Settings. Contact Technical Support if you attempt to change these settings and the configuration fails.

  6. In the Web Service Configuration section, do the following:
    • The Authentication and SSL Required boxes are disabled by default; however, you can modify them if required.
    • Type the WSDL Location in the boxes. In most instances, only the protocol, server and port need to be configured. The trailing URL should remain intact.
    • Click Validate to connect to the Tigerpaw service and in the Method to Invoke list, select SubmitAlert.
    • The Tokens boxes are populated automatically.
    • For the Response Type, select either XML or String.
    • In the Filter box, accept the default /tsiLPISvc/response/sonumber/text().
  7. Click Save.
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