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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About Sites

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A Barracuda Managed Workplace site is a logical container in Service Center that helps you manage and identify devices by physical location or customer.

What Are the Options for Setting Up a Site?

A site can be monitored by:

  • Onsite Manager
  • Device Managers only
  • both Onsite Managers and Device Managers in a mixed environment
Onsite Manager site


Device Manager only site


Mixed site


How Do You Set Up a Site?

You create sites in Service Center by performing a series of steps in a guided setup process. See Creating a Site in Service Center.

How Do You See Whether a Site is Monitored by Onsite Manager or Device Manager?

The Central Dashboard indicates whether a site is monitored by Onsite Manager or Device Manager, and provides a warning if Onsite Manager is not communicating.

IconSite Deployment Method
worddav2abc6bd3f7eb35dca65dae566c6d9971.pngSite is monitored by Onsite Manager.
worddav59c3319acd3b424b2418182613c33948.pngSite is monitored by Device Managers only.
image2019-5-24 14:13:34.pngOnsite Manager is not communicating.

How Do You Know Which Service Modules Have Been Applied to a Site?

If a site has a service module applied to it, an icon is displayed beside the site name:


Service Module


The CloudCare service module has been applied to this site.


The VMware ESXi service module has been applied to this site.


The Microsoft Hyper-V service module has been applied to this site.


The BDR Infrascale service module has been applied to this site.


The Symantec Endpoint Protection service module has been applied to this site.


The Symantec Backup Exec service module has been applied to this site.

worddav366cdfbb42294283cfc8c34eef173b4a.png The Axcient service module has been applied to this site.

What You Can Do

For each site managed by either Onsite Manager or Device Manager, you can:

  • change the status of the site from approved to on hold or rejected
  • view information about a site
  • change contact information for a site
  • add notes about a site
  • change the website addresses to use to determine internet availability for a site
  • set the polling interval for printer monitoring
  • configure how frequently you want to perform a network scan
  • upgrade Device Managers at a site

For each site managed by Onsite Manager, you can:

  • set the alerting action for a site not communicating
  • set how many days before a down device is automatically deleted from a site
  • upgrade Onsite Managers at a site
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