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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About User Histories

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The User History page displays a record of actions that taken using Barracuda Managed Workplace, such as changes to object access, service plans, and site deletions. This audit provides greater transparency for actions and who is responsible for the action.

This feature can help with audit trails and compliance issues.

For the following...
A User History record is created when...
Service plans

A site or group is added to a service plan

A site or group is deleted from a service plan

A service is modified in a service plan

The service plan on a site is changed to another service plan

All service plans are deleted from a site


A user logs in

A user logs out

A user is given permission to access to additional objects

A user's permission to access an object is revoked

An administrator requests a password reset for a user

A user requests a password reset

A user completes a password reset

Multi-factor authentication is enabled on an account

Multi-factor authentication is disabled on an account

A user configures multi-factor authentication on their account


A device is included in a site

A Device Manager is uninstalled from a device

A device is excluded from a site

A device is deleted from a site


Policy settings are modified

Only changes to the policy are audited. For example, if you change an Auto-Application rule on an Automation policy so that it is not applied to devices with a certain OS, the policy itself is not changed, so User History does not generate a record of the change.


An alert is cleared

Execution Schedules

An execution schedule is created

An execution schedule is modified

An execution schedule is copied

An execution schedule is set as the default

An execution schedule is deleted

Maintenance Schedules

A maintenance schedule is created

A maintenance schedule is modified

An active maintenance schedule is terminated

A maintenance schedule is deleted

Patch Management

Patch products are changed

Patch classifications are changed

Patch caching for a site is enabled

Patch caching for a site is disabled

A patch approval rule is added

A patch approval rule is deleted

Patch approval rules are run manually on existing devices

Advanced Software Management

Advanced software management products are changed

Advanced software management patch classifications are changed

An advanced software management patch approval rule is added

An advanced software management patch approval rule is deleted

Advanced software management patch approval rules are run manually on existing devices

Barracuda Integrations

A user connects their Barracuda Cloud Control account to integrate another Barracuda project

A user removes a Barracuda Cloud Control account connection

A user attempts to connect a Barracuda Cloud Control account, but the connection fails

SitesA user removes an Onsite Manager from a site using Site Management > More Actions > Remove Onsite Manager.
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