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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Monitoring Policies

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A monitoring policy is a collection of monitors and associated alert rules for a specific application, operating system or hardware device. Monitoring policies can be grouped into services, which are then collected into service plans applied to sites or groups for monitoring. Monitoring policies can also be applied directly to groups and devices, although this is not the best practice.

The Monitoring Policy page lists the modules that are currently installed in Service Center. You can choose to enable or disable monitors in the monitoring policy, and you can create automatic inclusion rules that define the criteria a
device must match to be monitored by the monitoring policy. Many monitoring policies have already have automatic inclusion rules pre-defined.

You can activate monitoring by doing one of the following:

  • add the monitoring policy to a service, which can be included in a service plan or applied to a shared site group. This is the preferred method.
  • apply the monitoring policy directly to a site group or service group.
  • manually add devices to a monitoring policy.

The Collecting column shows how many monitors are enabled and therefore being collected.

Where Are the Monitoring Policies?

Monitoring policies are located in Service Center on the Configuration > Policies > Monitoring page.

You can install additional monitoring policies via the Update Center, in Service Center. To access Update Center, click Update Center > Components, or click Get More on the Configuration > Policies > Monitoring page.

How Many Monitoring Policies Are There?

Barracuda Managed Workplace ships with hundreds of monitoring policies in Service Center that you can add to services and service plans to provide instant monitoring.

Who Creates Monitoring Policies?

Monitoring policies are created by a team of IT professionals working with information provided by the vendors and input from the Partner community.

When Are Monitoring Policies Updated and Released?

Updating, developing and releasing monitoring policies is a continuous process. To ensure that you don't have to wait for new releases of the application, monitoring policies are available in Service Center as soon as they have been through the quality certification program. By clicking Update Center > Components, you can view and install new monitoring policies and updates to existing monitoring policies.

How Are You Notified of New Monitoring Policies?

When new and updated monitoring policies are available, a green icon appears beside Update Center > Components in the navigation pane to indicate that there is a new component available for upgrade.

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