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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About Alerting

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About Alerting

An alert is an indication that a monitor meets a pre-defined condition. The Central Dashboard shows the number of active alerts.

For information about the Alerts Viewer, see Alerts Viewer. For information about the Alerts page, see Alerting Overview.

You can also view and clear alerts on a mobile device using the Mobile Service Manager. See Working With Mobile Service Manager.

What You Can Do

You can customize what actions you want to take place and how you want to be notified if a condition is met for a monitor.
Possible alert notifications and actions include the following:

  • email a technician or manager
  • run a script
  • self-heal
  • create a Trouble Ticket
  • escalate the alert after a certain elapsed time to an email

You can alert on low disk space for a machine in two ways: using a monitoring policy or applying a monitor and alert configuration to a device.

By default, if the Microsoft Windows 7 monitoring policy is applied to a device that uses Microsoft Windows 7, the LogicalDisk % Free Space Alert is automatically enabled and checked every 30 minutes.

To apply this monitor and alert configuration to a device, you would create a Performance Counter monitor and

  • select LogicalDisk as the Performance Counter
  • select the drive you want to monitor
  • set the % Free Space counter
  • set the threshold information If this alert condition is met
  • send an email to the technician
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