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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Creating Alert Categories

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When you first install Service Center, there are no predefined alert categories. However, if you import the predefined Barracuda Managed Workplace monitoring policies, any alert categories that are used in the monitoring policies are added to Service Center.

When you create a new monitor and alert rule, by default the alert is uncategorized. It's a good idea when you create a new monitor and alert rule to add an alert category. Alerts and some reports are created by alert categories, so organizing them strategically yields many benefits.
As you become more familiar with Barracuda Managed Workplace and begin to tailor it to monitor specific environments, you may want to create new alert categories.

On the Alert Categories page, a category folder is the top-level identifier of an alert category. You can expand a folder by clicking the triangle beside the folder name.

Best Practice

When you create a new alert category, create it under a category folder that has similar alerts. You can create new category folders as required.

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