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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About Creating Automation Policies

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Automation policies help you standardize the way that you perform routine maintenance tasks on your customer networks. You can create your own automation policies, or use one of the pre-built automation policies available in Barracuda Managed Workplace. For example, Barracuda Managed Workplace includes a Microsoft Windows Desktop Maintenance automation policy that audits for installed Antivirus applications, defrags volumes, deletes temporary files, enables RDP, scans for unauthorized network shares, and performs other maintenance tasks.

An automation policy includes a script or script package, a schedule for when the task is run, and rules that define on which devices the task will run. These rules take effect when you add this policy to a service in a service plan, and the service plan is applied to a site or group. For more information, see Applying Service Plans to Existing Sites and Applying Service Plans to Site Groups.

You can set up an execution schedule that determines when the scripts in the automation policy will run. Execution schedules are used by automation, patching, and Avast Antivirus policies to ensure that these vital services are performed at a time that does not disrupt the customer's business. For information on setting up execution schedules, see Setting Up Execution Schedules.

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