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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Setting up Avast Business Antivirus Monitoring

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After you have set up your Antivirus policies, you must set up monitoring for Barracuda Managed Workplace to begin collecting and alerting on your Avast Business Antivirus environments.

Barracuda Managed Workplace includes a monitoring policy called "Avast Business Antivirus" that includes the following monitors:

    • Avast Business Antivirus - Threat Detected
    • Avast Business Antivirus - Antivirus Definition Files Out of Date
    • Avast Business Antivirus - Full Antivirus Scan Required
    • Avast Business Antivirus - Antivirus Protection Disabled
    • Avast Business Antivirus - Device Restart Required

You can add this monitoring policy to a service in a service plan, which is then applied to a site or group. As a best practice, it is recommended that you include this monitoring policy in the same service that also includes the Antivirus policies you have set up.

For information on adding a policy to a service, see Creating Service Plans.

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