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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Viewing the Avast Business Antivirus Overview Page

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The Avast Business Antivirus Overview page provides an aggregated look at the number of active Antivirus alerts, and deployment and license summaries for Avast Business Antivirus across all sites.

From the Avast Antivirus Overview dashboard, you can:

  • View a list of all Antivirus alerts, or view Antivirus alerts by category.
  • Drill down to view sites configured with Antivirus and sites not configured with Antivirus.
  • Access the Avast Business Antivirus support and forum websites.
  • View a chart depicting Avast Business Antivirus license use across all sites.

There can be a delay of up to 24 hours after the initial Antivirus deployment for the charts on the Avast Business Antivirus dashboard to display information.

To View the Avast Antivirus Overview dashboard
  • In Service Center, click Avast Antivirus.


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