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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About Security

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Assuring the security of your clients is a key part of your service. Barracuda Managed Workplace helps by giving you tools you can use to assess and report on the security of the sites you manage.

Some of the security tools Barracuda Managed Workplace provides are:

  • Site Security Assessments—Perform security assessments for any of your managed sites. A Security Assessment analyses various aspects of security, such as your password management policy, the status of your antivirus software, and your patch management.
  • Site Security Dashboards—Add and remove sites from the assessment, as well as display an overview of the security scores for your sites. From the Site Security Dashboard, you can navigate to each site's Site Security Overview, and from there to the details of the security score.
  • Security Schemas—Security Schemas are sets of tests used to generate Site Security Assessment scores. Barracuda Managed Workplace provides a default Security Schema that sites are always scored against. You can also create custom schemas with tests modified to your security needs, which you can score sites against in addition to the Barracuda Managed Workplace schema.
  • Security Reports—Generate reports of the results of Site Security Assessments.

The topics in this section are:

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