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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Understanding the Default Microsoft Patch Management Settings

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Whether you are using Barracuda Managed Workplace for the first time, or you have upgraded from a previous version, Microsoft patch management in Service Center includes default settings that you can use to get up and running with patch management quickly and with minimal configuration.

In versions of Barracuda Managed Workplace prior to 10, there was an Initial Setup wizard in the Patch Management menu that you had run through to configure your patch management settings. As of Barracuda Managed Workplace 10, this wizard is no longer required, as Barracuda Managed Workplace is pre-configured with some standard patch management defaults. 

So what are some of the standard Microsoft patch management settings in Barracuda Managed Workplace?:

  • By default, Microsoft patch management is set up to manage all Windows products, and to include security updates and critical patches;
  • Barracuda Managed Workplace includes two pre-built patch policies; one for Windows Workstations and one for Windows Servers. For more information, see Understanding the Pre-Built Microsoft Patch Policies.

Any of these settings can be modified to suit your unique patching needs.

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