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Barracuda Managed Workplace

What's New in Barracuda Managed Workplace 11 Service Pack 5

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Premium Remote Control Improvements

The chat option for Premium Remote Control can now be turned on by default for all Premium Remote Control sessions. Configuring a single setting gives you the option to start all your Premium Remote Control sessions with chat enabled.

For more information, see Starting Premium Remote Control Sessions with Chat by Default.

A new feature in Barracuda Managed Workplace gives you a one-click option to reinstall the Premium Remote Control agent on all the devices on a site. Instead of manually finding devices on a site where the install of the Premium Remote Control agent has failed, or where it has been uninstalled, you can attempt a reinstall for every device on the site at the same time.

For more information, see Retrying Premium Remote Control Installation for Sites.

Improvements to Trouble Tickets

Custom Trouble Ticket Priorities for Alerts Generated by Barracuda Managed Workplace

Previously, the trouble tickets created by alerts generated by Barracuda Managed Workplace had the priority of High by default. This release of Barracuda Managed Workplace lets you set the priority of generated trouble tickets for each monitor, and also lets you set a global default that all generated trouble tickets will use unless you customize the priority.

For more information about setting a priority for tickets generated by a monitor, see Setting an Alert to Create a Trouble Ticket.

For more information about setting a global priority that all generated tickets use by default, see Setting the Default Priority for Trouble Tickets Generated by Alerts.

Overriding Individual Priorities for Monitoring Policies

You can also now set all alerts in a monitoring policy to generate trouble tickets with the same priority, no matter what the settings of the individual alerts are. For more information, see Setting All Monitors in a Monitoring Policy to Create Trouble Tickets.

Device/Website names included in Trouble Tickets

Device or website names are now included in Trouble Tickets. A column called Device/Website has been added to the Ticket Management page. If the Trouble Ticket was generated by a device, the content of the field is the device name. If the Trouble Ticket was generated by a cloud service, the content of the field is referred to as the website.

Onsite Manager Patch Cache Clean Up

To avoid Onsite Manager patch caches taking up too much disk space, unused patches are now deleted after 60 days where they are not required by any device.

Denied Countries Now Blocked

Users from countries on the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury’s Sanctions List are now blocked from accessing Barracuda Managed Workplace.

Removal of Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

MBSA is no longer supported and references to it have been removed.

The Microsoft Windows Server (Enhanced) Monitoring Policy has been updated with the removal MBSA. Customers who use this Policy should update to the new version available from the Update Center.

AVG Antivirus support ended

Because AVG Antivirus is no longer being developed or maintained, Barracuda Managed Workplace support for it has ended.


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