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Barracuda Managed Workplace

What's New in Barracuda Managed Workplace 11 Service Pack 4 Maintenance Release 2

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Security Enhancements

This release enhances security in many areas, including:

  • Hardening of security against potential cross-site JavaScript injection attacks.
  • Stricter standards for default credentials for the administrative account for the VAR Admin application.
  • Enforcement of stricter password requirements for the VAR Admin application.
  • Enforcement of automation prevention mechanisms against attacks such as brute force and denial of service.
  • Improved encryption against password hacking attacks.

Performance Improvements

This release introduces performance improvements for Hosted environments, particularly in the area of Automation and the Automation calendar.
VAR Admin Password Reset

This release introduces the functionality for VAR Admin administrators to reset VAR Admin user passwords. Now, when a user forgets their password, an administrator generate a reset link to send to the user through email or any messaging application.

UltraVNC No Longer Installed for Remoting Tool Support

Barracuda Managed Workplace no longer installs UltraVNC as an option to initiate Remote Control, due to weaknesses in the VNC password encryption algorithm. You can install and use UltraVNC to initiate Remote Control, but it is not recommended.

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