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Barracuda Managed Workplace

What’s New in Barracuda Managed Workplace 10 SP1

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Premium Remote Control Enhancements

Previously, unmanaged devices could not be remotely assisted by Barracuda Managed Workplace. Premium Remote Control On Demand is now available allowing you to connect to your customer’s unmanaged devices.

An option to add consent within Premium Remote Control is available for sites where sensitive information could potentially be accessible. This is a configurable item on a per-Site basis.

AVG Antivirus

Integrated Barracuda Managed Workplace Antivirus now deploys AVG Antivirus 2016. All of your customers now have access to the latest and greatest Antivirus for the most up-to-date protection.

With AVG Antivirus 2016, you can now configure proxy settings for your Antivirus via a policy – these can be defined manually or by a Proxy Auto Configuration. In addition, you can now enable/disable Online Shield’s TLS/SSL inspection.

Reporting Enhancements

With the release of Barracuda Managed Workplace 10.0 SP1 custom reporting has been enhanced. Site Asset Baseline has been updated to display a list of devices in a site based on user specified criteria. Additional data populates textbox filters with suggested values (based on actual values present in the database) as the user types. For Windows and OSX devices only.

Device Asset Inventory displays asset information for a single device. A section for Microsoft Product Keys is now available, which can be selected to be included or excluded from the report. Improvement to the reporting also includes a breakdown of the Hardware sections into subcategories. Each category can be selected to be included or excluded from report.

Alerting Enhancements

Several enhancements have been made to the Alerting functionality. Barracuda Managed Workplace 10.0 SP1 includes enhancements that help to limit the number of false alerts generated. For example: Device Down alerts for printers and servers has been improved. They will now be checked with TCP/SNMP regardless if they respond to a ping – this will help you determine the status more accurately.

SNMP Trap monitors and Syslog Monitor now have the option to set an alert threshold. These are done by occurrences and time periods similar to Windows Events. Alert emails no longer contain all the information about each trap, but instead link into Barracuda Managed Workplace so you can view them on the device's page.

Loss of Monitoring protocol now has a detailed description of how the protocol was lost to help you understand what corrective action to take.

Event detail searching is more detailed for better filtering. A new addition is the “does not contain” option. This is now available for Windows Events, SNMP traps, Syslog, and Website Monitors. 

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