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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Using Advanced Software Management

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This section provides detailed information about the following topics:

Advanced Software Management is an integrated third party software management system that lets you keep all the devices you manage up to date with the latest feature and security patches for applications from over 100 software vendors.

To manage Microsoft patches, continue to use Patch Management. For more information, see Managing Microsoft Patches.

Keeping your devices up to date not only gives endpoint users all the latest features of their software, it also addresses the newest security threats. Patching recently discovered vulnerabilities is one of the top ways to keep your network from being compromised.

Advanced Software Management (ASM) lets you:

  • Scan and assess the software on your devices for missing patches for software from over 100 different vendors.
  • Select and approve or reject updates to install.
  • Choose which devices to update.
  • Create a schedule for convenient updates that reduce work interruptions.

While Advanced Software Management is available to Barracuda Managed Workplace users for an additional license fee, all users are able to scan their devices for missing patches at no charge.

In order to use Advanced Software Management to apply updates, you must purchase an additional license. Contact your Barracuda sales representative.



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