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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Working with Approval Groups for Advanced Software Management

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In order to use Advanced Software Management to apply updates, you must purchase an additional license. Contact your Barracuda sales representative.

Approval groups are groupings of devices that you can approve third party software updates against. With approval groups, you can apply third party software updates to hundreds of devices quickly and conveniently.

Devices can be grouped together in an approval group, no matter their site, customer, or operating system. Approval groups can be edited at any time, new devices added or older ones removed.

Devices can belong to up to two approval groups—the All Computers group and one other group.

There are two default approval groups:

  • All Computers Contains every managed device reporting to Advanced Software Management.
  • Unassigned Computers Contains every managed device belonging to only the All Computers approval group and no other approval group. They stay in this group unless they are added to another approval group.
Why Use an Approval Group?

Use approval groups for approving patches, and for testing patches, or restricting installation of patches.
Approval groups can also be used to set up automatic approval. See Automatically Approving Third Party Software Patches for an Approval Group.

You don’t have to create your own approval groups if you want to apply updates to individual devices, or if the two default approval groups work for you, but approval groups let you work with large numbers of similar devices at the same time. They can also help you keep a standard update level across your client base so technicians always work on similarly updated operating systems and applications.

What You Can Do

You can:

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