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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Setting How Long to Keep Data

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You can modify the data retention values on a global level, which allows you to keep only the data that is required. This helps to manage the disk footprint of the database.

This value is set to ensure that while users are on vacation and their system is off, it does not get deleted as a stale device.

For hosted versions of Service Center, the data retention time is limited by the value set by the host. The host can set a limit for each VAR.

When a device is not responding to the Onsite Manager discovery scan, Service Center retains full asset, description and addressing information for the device, unless another device picks up the same IP address, at which point the IP is marked as stale on the original device. When a workstation picks up a new IP address, the old address is discarded and only the current address is displayed.

Workstation class computers have only a single IP address tracked by Barracuda Managed Workplace, even when multiple interfaces are being scanned with separate addressing, and all other IP addresses are removed by the stale IP process.

Unlike Workstations, there is no stale IP address cleanup routine run against any server-class Windows device or SNMP device.

In some cases, devices that have been removed may continue to be referenced in Service Center as unavailable devices until the specified interval specified triggers the next clean-up. As a remedy, you can specify a shorter interval for cleaning up stale IP addresses, or you can remove devices with stale IP addresses manually.

  1. In Service Center, click Configuration > System Settings.
  2. Click the Data Retention tab.
  3. Type a value in days in the Number of Days of Data to Keep box.
  4. Click Save.
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