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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Viewing or Changing the Communication Settings

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The Communication Settings tab allows you to view or modify the information provided to Onsite Managers and Device Managers to enable:

  • communications with Service Center
  • remote control capabilities available in Service Center

In hosted Service Centers, you can view the communications settings. In on-premise Service Centers, you can change the communications settings.

To view the Service Center website communication settings
  1. In Service Center, click Configuration > System Settings.
  2. Click the Communication Settings tab.
To change the Service Center website communication settings

Changing the Service Center website communication settings is only available for on-premise Service Centers.

The information in the Service Center Website Communication Settings section is automatically populated with the following URLs:

  • Public Service Center URL
  • Public SCMessaging URL
  • Internal SCMessaging URL
  • Update Service Public URL
  • Update Service Internal URL
  • Update Service DSS Sync Public URL

The public URLs are the Internet-facing addresses to which Onsite Managers and Device Managers report. The internal addresses perform the same function, but work on the same network as the Service Center application server, where a different address may be required due to networking concerns.

These URLs are provided during the installation of Service Center, and may be required for Device Managers and Onsite Managers to access Service Center from both within and outside of a firewall. This information can be modified, if required. The information is provided to Device Managers and Onsite Manager to enable communications with Service Center.

The Public SCMessaging URL must point to the scwebservices.asmx file, which is used to provide the communications.

  • The web page that appears when you browse this URL only provides a mechanism for receiving data and does not confirm that there are no communications issues between Onsite Manager and Service Center.
  • Not all features are available if you are accessing the Service Center using a URL that is something other than what appears as the public SCMessaging URL.
  • If you change any communication settings, you must restart the Service Center Monitor Windows service on the application server before the changes take effect.
  1. In Service Center, click Configuration > System Settings.
  2. Click the Communication Settings tab.
  3. In the Service Center Website Communication Settings section, click Modify .
  4. Modify the Public Service Center URL and the Public SCMessaging URL boxes as required.
  5. Click Save.
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