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About Support Assistant Policies

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A Support Assistant policy sets options and defines the appearance of Support Assistant in a user's environment.

You can create more than one Support Assistant policy for use across different sites or service plans.

Considerations for Using Support Assistant Policies

Do you want end users to be able to create tickets? You can add options to the context menu for the Support Assistant policy that enables end users to submit trouble tickets. Or, you can provide other ways for users to contact you (such as your email, website or telephone number) and not enable the ticketing options.

Do you offer customers a tiered service? You could use different icons at different sites based on the service plan that you've provided for them.

What You Can Do

For Support Assistants, you can

  • include an uninstall password so that end users cannot remove Support Assistant
  • customize the icon users see in the notification area
  • provide a context menu that provides links to URLs, a specific support email address or enables users to submit tickets
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