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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Updating Support Assistant at a Site

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You can update the Support Assistant at a site if there is a new version of Support Assistant available.

You can also update Support Assistant on a device by device basis, by going to Status > Support Assistant. For more information, see To upgrade Support Assistant on one or more devices.

  • When a Support Assistant device is not connected, Service Center buffers the upgrade script until that device reconnects.
  • By default, Support Assistant is installed in the following location: C:\Windows\Program Files\Support Assistant or C:\Windows\Program Files(x86)\Support Assistant. Its copy of OMDesktop.exe is located in that directory.

To update Support Assistants across different sites

  1. In Service Center, click Update Center > Products.
  2. Select the check boxes for the sites where you want Support Assistants upgraded.
  3. Click Advanced Options.
  4. Click the Update Support Assistants for selected sites check box.
  5. Click Update.

The end user must log off and log in again to complete the upgrade.

If an update fails, logs provide notification. If a Support Assistant upgrade fails, there is an indication on the Support Assistant page that it failed.

To see the reason why the failure occurred, hover your mouse over the icon.

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