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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Viewing Assets Overview

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One of the first things you can do after installing and configuring Barracuda Managed Workplace is look at a summary of the assets that Onsite Manager discovered. You can view Windows assets and SNMP-enabled assets.

If the devices aren't showing as WMI- or SNMP-enabled, data may not be there. It also takes some time to appear depending on the number of devices. You can request assets for a specific device. This information will refresh within two minutes.

Managed Windows Inventory

Provides a summary of assets collected for a given site from devices with a Microsoft Windows operating system installed. The summary contains both hardware and software-related information that Onsite Manager has discovered.

Managed SNMP Inventory

Provides a summary of all SNMP-enabled devices for a given site, such as printers, routers and firewalls.

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