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About Deleting Devices

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This page provides the following topics:

When Deleting Devices

When you delete a device, you are deleting the records for that device in Service Center, but you are not preventing it from being discovered. If you do not want the device to be rediscovered, you can:

  • skip or delete its IP address from the scan range first.
  • delete and exclude to delete data from a device and exclude it from the scan.

Devices that are deleted are no longer be referenced in Service Center or Onsite Manager 5 to 10 minutes after deletion. However, the devices may continue to be referenced in Service Center as unavailable devices for a short period of time.

Down Devices

A down device is one that is unreachable and not responding to ICMP ECHO or other monitoring protocols, such as ARP cache retrievals. The device may be booted and online, but something is preventing a response. If the device is responding to ARP only, it is indicated with an asterisk. A device might respond to ARP only if, for example, it is a laptop that is turned off, but with a VPro chip that is responding to ARP.

worddav4579bb783368bdfe885e38dbbfbde937.png     Device Down icon

worddav9d236c3f459fe4d757f70f9d970cc48b.png   Device Down icon - responding to ARP but not ICMP ECHO or any  other discovery protocol

When a device is not responding to the Onsite Manager discovery scan, Service Center continues to keep full asset, description and addressing information for the device until the specified interval triggers the next clean-up.

Even though a device may be down, you may not want to delete the device.

What You Can Do

To ensure that the information you see in the dashboards and reports is fresh and accurate, you can

  • delete down devices manually.
  • delete down devices automatically on a schedule after a specified period of inactivity.
  • For customers that have transient systems periodically introduced to the environment by contractors, consultants, auditors or other external business partners, you can tag these devices as visitors so that they are not confused with maintenance opportunities. To avoid these devices from showing up at all, configure a separate, unmonitored DHCP scope for visitors' equipment by using a wireless router.
  • If you have a device that's been discovered that you want to exclude, you should exclude it and then wait a bit (to make sure that Onsite Manager is not sending any current information about it) and then delete the device.
  • Devices that are monitored by a Device Manager agent must have the agent uninstalled before they can be deleted

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