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Initiating a Remote Session to Access Intel® AMT-Enabled Devices with Intel® KVM

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You can establish a remote session to an Intel® AMT-enabled device using Intel® KVM if Onsite Manager is MW2010 or newer and the device is AMT 6.0 or newer. The Intel® KVM option only displays if these conditions are met.

The KVM feature must be enabled in the BIOS using an administrator account. The following features must be enabled:

  • manageability feature
  • KVM opt-in
  • KVM opt-in remote configuration

You can provide the end user with control over remote sessions. If user consent is enabled, a six number code appears on the remote display when the KVM session initiates. The remote user will have to communicate that code to the technician who must enter it in the prompt displayed on the screen.

Initiating a remote session to access Intel® AMT-enabled devices with Intel® KVM in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is not supported.

  1. In Service Center, click Status > Devices.
  2. Locate the device to which you want to initiate a remote control session.
  3. Click the device name and then click Remote Control from the right sidebar.
  4. In the Remote Services section, from the Service list, select Intel® KVM.
  5. Confirm the Remote Machine IP address is correct.
  6. Click Connect.
    If User Consent is enabled, you are prompted for the code that you must obtain from the end user.

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