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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About User Accounts

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A user account is a collection of information that tells Service Center which sites, groups, devices, websites and other objects a user can access. Each person accesses Service Center with a user name and password.

Each user must be a member of at least one role.


The user for a newly installed Service Center is Admin with no password.

For hosted versions of Service Center, the hosting provider may have configured an account and password that is provided by them prior to first use.



A user is not a member of a role

That user is not able to log into Service Center.

A user is a member of more than one role with different access permissions

The least restrictive security settings apply.

See Also

Setting Up Roles

Example 1: Salesperson

One of the default roles included with Barracuda Managed Workplace is called Sales, which has been designed to provide a sales force with access to useful information in Service Center. Members of the Sales role have read access to the following windows in Service Center:

  • Status > Central Dashboard
  • Site Management > Windows Inventory
  • Site Management > SNMP Inventory
  • Reporting > Reports
  • Reporting > Delivery Schedules

The Sales role was designed so that a Salesperson can:

  • view the current status of a customer site by viewing the Central Dashboard
  • review the hardware and software assets for potential sales opportunities
  • view reports for further information about the site
  • view how often the reporting is provided to the customer

When a new user is created in Service Center for a Salesperson, the Sales role is assigned to that user to authorize the areas in Service Center that can be viewed. Once the user has been made a member of the Sales role, the object access for the user also must be configured.

The object access defines which sites, groups, devices and websites that the user may access. If an organization has sites in a one-to-one relationship with salespeople, the user for each salesperson would be granted access only to their respective customer sites.

Example 2: Specialized Technician

A new user is created for a technician who works exclusively with Cisco Firewall Devices. As such, the standard Tech role that is predefined with Service Center provides more access than this user requires.

A new role called PIX Tech is created that matches the existing Tech role, with the following permissions removed (Read and Modify):

  • Site Events
  • Websites
  • Windows Inventory
  • Patch Management
  • Intel® vPro™

Additionally, the user is created with object access only for the Cisco Firewall Devices at client sites.

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