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Barracuda Managed Workplace

About Device Manager

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Device Manager is the functional equivalent of Onsite Manager but monitors and manages a single device only. There is a database, but it is bundled with the lightweight application. Device Manager communicates directly with Service Center.

When adding a Device Manager to a site, you must specify a Device Manager for Windows or a Device Manager for OS X.

A device managed by Device Manager and on the same network as Onsite Manager is always managed by Device Manager, not Onsite Manager.

When to Use Device Manager

What You Can Do

Device Manager can be installed:

  • on a roaming Windows or Mac laptop
  • a Windows Server that is out of reach of Onsite Manager
  • in an environment that does not have a server or peer-to-peer network
  • at kiosks, and so on

You can:

  • quickly download and install Device Manager.
  • email the link to users who can install it with one click.
  • using an automated task, push Device Manager to target devices (only if Onsite Manager is being used).
  • brand Device Manager with an icon that matches your company logo, strengthening your brand on the managed devices.
  • set up a customized right-click menu that gives end users the option to email or call your support team, browse your support network, or other similar options.

See Creating a Support Assistant Policy.

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