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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Understanding Policies and Services

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This page provides the following topics:

In Barracuda Managed Workplace, service plans are made up of a collection of services, which are in turn made up of a collection of policies. Service plans and services are simply containers for policies, which include all of the settings and application rules for the services you want to provide. You can create a number of services containing the policies you require, and then group those services into a service plan.

Policies and Services

Services and policies are defined as:

Policy: A collection of settings and automatic application rules that perform an action, such as baseline monitoring for Windows workstations, or critical and security patching for servers. There are six policy types: monitoring, automation, patching, reporting, Support Assistant, and Avast Antivirus. Barracuda Managed Workplace includes default policies for each policy type.

Service: A collection of policies that together provide a specific service for your customer. For example, you may have a Windows Server service that provides patch management, monitoring, reporting, and maintenance tasks for Windows Servers.
If you choose to create a service plan, or modify an existing one, you should first understand each policy type in Barracuda Managed Workplace. The following table lists the six types of policies available, with a description and example of each.

Policy Type




A script or script package that runs an automated task.

The Microsoft Exchange Server Maintenance policy reports on server database stats and health, determines if any messages are stuck queueing, and provides a warning if an SSL is due to expire or has expired.

Avast Antivirus

A group of settings that determine which aspects of Avast Antivirus are enabled.

The Server AV Policy prevents automatic updates and reboots on servers, and includes automatic application rules to deploy the policy to both member and standalone servers.


A collection of monitors and associated alert rules for a specific application, operating system, or hardware device.

The Microsoft Windows Servers (Enhanced) policy provides core Windows server monitoring on Windows Update, service failures, disk failures, file system failures, network failures, and event log issues.


A group of patch management settings, including detection frequency, automatic update options, and the approval groups to which the patching policy will be assigned.

The Microsoft Windows Server Patching policy downloads and installs all Windows Server critical and security patches.


A collection of reports (both default and custom), the schedule on which the reports will run, and email and formatting options.The Monthly Report policy includes a list of common reports, such as Executive Summary and Work Completed Summary, as well as a report execution schedule and recipient information.
Support AssistantA collection of Support Assistant customizations, including the context menu items, branded mes- sages, notification area icons.The Microsoft Windows Workstation Tray Profile policy deploys and configures the Support Assistant Tray Profile to each Windows desktop and laptop.

Previous to Barracuda Managed Workplace 10.0, monitoring policies  were called policy modules .

Getting Started with Policies

You can browse the policies available in Barracuda Managed Workplace to gain an understanding as to what is currently available. You can modify these policies by copying them and modifying the copy, or you can create your own policies to reflect your unique service offerings.
The following table provide more help on creating each policy type:

For more information about viewing, modifying, and creating: go to: or click:
automation policiesConfiguration > Policies > AutomationAbout Creating Automation Policies
Avast Antivirus policiesConfiguration > Policies > Avast AntivirusSetting Up Antivirus Policies
monitoring policiesConfiguration > Policies > MonitoringMonitoring Policies
patching policiesConfiguration > Policies > PatchingSetting Up Microsoft Patch Management in Barracuda Managed Workplace
Support Assistant policiesConfiguration > Policies > Support AssistantCreating a Support Assistant Policy

For more information about reporting policies, go to ConfigurationPolicies > Reporting, or see Creating Report Policies.

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