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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Enrolling Sites in Security Assessments

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Sites are enrolled in security assessment automatically when they are created. When a site is enrolled in security assessment:

  • The New Site Default schema is applied, or you can select an alternate schema. The New Site Default is a schema that you select to be automatically applied to new sites by default. If the Security Standard schema is set as the New Site Default schema, then it is applied by default.
  • The Security Standard schema is applied. All sites are assessed against the Security Standard schema. For more information about who can see the results of the Security Standard schema assessment, see Viewing the Assessment Results for Different Security Schemas.

When a site is first added to the security assessment, it may take up to two hours to be scored.

When a device is first added to a site that is being assessed, it may take a while to be fully scored. The site will be scored, but certain aspects of the device may take up to three days to affect the score.

If you see dashes in place of a score for a site, it means that a site hasn't been assessed yet.

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