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Configuring Avast Business Antivirus Policies: Configuring General Settings

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General Settings are available for both Workstations and Servers.

General Settings lets you control how you access and get notifications from Avast Business Antivirus, as well as how you update programs and virus definitions. You can also set your proxy, if you use one, enable or disable debug logging, and show or hide the Avast Business Antivirus icon in your toolbar tray.

Proxy Settings in Antivirus Policies and Onsite Manager

Proxy settings from Onsite Manager override settings from the Antivirus Policy. If both Onsite Manager and the Antivirus policy have configured proxy settings, devices will use the proxy settings from Onsite Manager.

Avast Antivirus does not support the digest authentication method. If Onsite Manager is configured to use a proxy with digest authentication method, the installation will try the proxy settings from the Antivirus policy. If the policy does not have proxy settings, the installation will not use a proxy.

To Configure the General Settings of an Avast Business Antivirus Policy
  1. Click Configuration > Policies > Avast  Antivirus.
  2. Click the name of a policy.
  3. Click one of the following tabs:
  • Workstation Settings
  • Server Settings
  • Click the General Settings tab.
  • Optionally, to password protect access to Avast Business Antivirus, in the Password Protection area, check the Enable check box and type a password. Then, check any of the following check boxes:
    • The end user can't open the Avast program and can't uninstall it.
    • The end user can't open the Avast settings and cannot uninstall Avast. The user is able to access the rest of the user interface without any problem.
  • Enable any of the following:
    • Silent Mode—No messages/notifications are displayed.
    • Debug logging—Records operations, processes, and errors that occur.
    • Avast tray icon—Displays an icon in the tray.
  • Choose automatic or manual updates for the following:
    • Program Updates
    • Virus Definition Updates
  • In the Proxy Settings section, do one of the following:
  • Select Direct connection (no proxy)
  • Select HTTP Proxy, then select an address, port, and authentication method.
  • Click Apply Changes.
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