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Configuring Avast Business Antivirus Policies: Enabling Password Protection

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Password Protection is available for Workstations only, not Servers.

Passwords is a password manager that allows you to use one Master Password to quickly and safely log into your online accounts and complete web forms. Passwords encrypts and securely stores your sensitive information, and enables you to synchronize your data across all your devices.

Using Avast Business Antivirus to store your passwords is a safer alternative to storing passwords in your browser. The passwords you save in your browser are stored on your device along with the information necessary to decrypt them. Avast Business Antivirus stores your passwords with a much more secure level of encryption, and protects all your data with a password known only by you.

To ensure your privacy, we do not store your Master Password locally or on any server. This means that nobody, including Avast Business Antivirus representatives, can access your Passwords data and recover or reset your Master Password if you forget it.

  1. Click Configuration > Policies > Avast Antivirus.
  2. Click the name of a policy.
  3. Click the Workstation Settings tab.
  4. Click the Active Protection tab.
  5. In the Tools section, move the slider to enable Passwords.
  6. Click Apply Changes.
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