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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Designate a Script, Automation Package, or Quick Task as a Favorite

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You can designate scripts, packages, and quick tasks as favorites, to help you easily find automation items that you use often. When you designate an item as a favorite, it is added to the Favorites page, and it is also added to the top of the Choose what to execute list when creating a policy or a task.

Favorites are also available from quick links worddavd0b98a370da2f1e080143944d1191880.png , which allows you to run your favorite scripts, packages, and quick tasks from the following locations in Service Center:

  • Device List page
  • Device Overview page
  • Device Search page
  • Execution Summary page
  • System Log Viewer
  • Alerts Page

For example, if you are viewing alerts on the Alerts page, you might come across a device with low disk space. You can right-click the quick link beside the device, and select "Run Automated Task".

Any scripts, packages, or quick tasks that you have designated as a favorite are listed first.

You can also select Item from library, and select any script, package, or quick task in the library to run against the device.

To designate a script, package, or quick task as a favorite

  1. In Service Center, click Automation > Library.
  2. Locate the script, automation package, or quick task that you want to designate as a favorite.
  3. Click the star beside the script, package, or quick task. The star becomes yellow to indicate that the item is a favorite.

    To remove an item from your favorites, click the star again.

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