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Adding a Quick Task

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A quick task is a script or package with some or all of the parameters filled in. When you set up a quick task, you decide which parameters you want defined for the quick task, and which parameters you want to provide at execution time:

  • when you fill in a quick task parameter, this parameter becomes a static value, which means that when you schedule the quick task, this value is already provided. For example, setting up a quick task to disable the Guest account on a device or group of devices.
  • when you leave a required parameter blank, you are prompted to fill in the parameter when scheduling the quick task. For example, setting up a quick task to disable any account. When you schedule the quick task, you must specify which account to disable.

Only required parameters with no pre-set value will be prompted for when running a quick task.

Example: Add several quick tasks to send messages to users

You want to create a quick task to send a message to a user that you will be rebooting their device. You would select the Send Message to Users (Windows) script, and in the Parameters area, type the notification message in the Message box.

After the quick task is created, it is saved in the Library, and it is available to run immediately or to be scheduled. You can then add more quick tasks using the same Send Message to Users (Windows) script, but with different messages entered in the Message box. For example, you could create one quick task that sends a service outage message, and another quick task that sends a data center down message.These three quick tasks are now available in the Library.

To add a quick task
  1. In Service Center, click Automation > Library.
  2. Click New Quick Task.
  3. In the Name box, type a name for the quick task.
  4. In the Version box, type a version number for the quick task. Version numbers must be in the format of <num>.<num>.<num>.<num>.
  5. In the Author box, type the author name.
  6. From the Category list, select a category for the quick task.
  7. Optionally, in the Description box, provide a description for the quick task. This description should provide information for users about the quick task, for example for a Send Message to Users quick task, you could explain this quick task notifies users of a planned service outage.
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