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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Setting the Device Discovery Defaults

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To set the Device Discovery defaults, perform the following steps.

This option is applicable for both a site based on Device Managers and one based on Onsite Managers.

  1. In Service Center, Site Management > Sites.
  2. Click the site for which you want to edit the scan settings.
  3. Click the Network Discovery tab.
  4. In the Discovery Settings section, click Modify.
  5. Edit the boxes as required.
    Device Discovery Specifies how long Barracuda Managed Workplace waits after completing the last network scan before starting again. Increasing this value past the default 5 minutes extends how long a device can be unresponsive without Barracuda Managed Workplace being aware.
    Asset Discovery Specifies the maximum length of time Barracuda Managed Workplace takes to poll the hardware and software assets on all the discovered devices. Barracuda Managed Workplace distributes the scan for all the devices over the entire period allotted. You can safely increase this value from the default 4 hours if little change is likely to occur on the network.
  6. Click Save.
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