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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Defining Scope for a Service Group

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Defining scope for a service group is the practice of determining the range of sites, other groups, and devices that are to be included in the group.

The scope defines against which sites and groups any rules run, looking for devices with matching criteria. By default, service groups are set to a system-wide scope. You can narrow the scope by selecting the custom scope option and then doing the following:

  • Selecting the sites, groups, and devices to include in the scope.
  • If needed, you can exclude specific sites, groups, and devices that were added as children of the objects selected to include in the scope.

Excluding items is sometimes required when a site, group, or device has been indirectly included in the group scope as the result of another site, group, or device being directly included. For example, you might add a site to a group scope that contains certain devices that you do not want included.

You cannot define scope for a site group, however you can exclude devices if required. For more information, see Excluding Sites, Groups, and Devices from the Scope.

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