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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Purging an IP Address from a Device

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A stale IP address means that the IP address for a device was previously scanned but has not been detected in recent scans.

When another device picks up the same IP address, then the IP address is marked as stale on the original device.

Even though a device may have a stale IP address, you may not want to delete the device. IP addresses may have changed for a device. For example, a device may have been given a new address:

  • by DHCP
  • a manual change
  • an interface being down

To prevent discovery of additional valid IP addresses for a device, you can exclude the device from the Onsite Manager scan. See Exclude Devices Directly.

Prerequisites to Purging an IP Address

To purge a stale IP address from a device, you must have the following:

  • more than one IP address listed for the device
  • the IP address that you want to purge must have a status of down

IP Addresses for Workstations

Workstation class machines have only a single IP address tracked by Barracuda Managed Workplace, even when multiple interfaces are being scanned with separate addressing, and all other IP addresses are removed by the stale IP process.

When a workstation picks up a new IP address, the old address is discarded if it is currently in use by another device and only the current address is displayed. Until this point, it is displayed in red.

IP Addresses for Servers and SNMP Devices

Unlike workstations, there is no stale IP address cleanup routine run against any server-class Windows device or SNMP device. Few Windows devices are SNMP-enabled, but if one is it would be considered to be a Windows device first (as long as WMI is enabled).

To purge an IP address from a device

  1. In Service Center, click Status > Devices.

  2. From the Browse By list, select Site or Service Group, and corresponding selection list entries to show the site, site group or service group that has the device.
  3. In the IP Address column, click the stale IP address, which is red in color.
  4. Click Purge IP from this Device.
  5. Click OK.
    The purged IP address is no longer referenced in Service Center or Onsite Manager 5 to 10 minutes after completing this procedure.
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