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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Setting Default Premium Remote Control Options for Creating New Sites

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Using Premium Remote Control, you can access Windows and Mac computers remotely, allowing you to install software, troubleshoot issues, and perform other tasks. For more information, see Using Premium Remote Control and Premium Remote Control On Demand.

To use Premium Remote Control, the Premium Remote Control agent must be installed on the client computer.

You can select the default Premium Remote Control options for new sites, so that when you create sites, the options you choose will be applied by default.

The options include:

  • Installing Premium Remote Control automatically when creating new sites.
  • Requiring consent for Premium Remote Control access to client computers.
  • Setting the default consent response.
  • Setting the timeout for the consent response.

You can enable consent, which requires the end user to give consent for remote access. If you enable consent, when a technician starts a Premium Remote Control session, your customer is presented with a window to allow or reject the access.

The Notification Timeout is the number of seconds that the customer has to respond before the request times out. If the request times out, the session either allows or rejects the connection, depending on the default option you choose.

Best Practice

For sites where your customers may be working on critical tasks that cannot be interrupted or sensitive information that cannot be shared, enable the require consent option and set the default to Reject.

  1. In Service Center, click Site Management > Sites.
  2. Click Premium Remote Control, then click Set default for new sites.
  3. Select the Automatically install Premium Remote Control check box.
  4. Optionally, select the Require Consent check box, then in the Notification Timeout box, type a number. In the Default area, enable one of the following option buttons:
    • Allow—Allows Premium Remote Control access if the user does not respond before notification timeout.
    • Reject—Rejects Premium Remote Control access if the user does not respond before notification timeout.
  5. Click OK.
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