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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Alert on Success

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Typically, you will use alerting to be notified when things go wrong or fail in a client's environment. You can also use alerting to be notified on success conditions.

For example, if your client has an especially critical system (such as their accounting or Exchange servers), monitoring both successful and critical activity can give you a thorough view of that system. This ensures that you will be notified as soon as things go wrong even when critical failure alerts fail to get through to you.

In any alerting system whenever more than one thing goes wrong, there is always the possibility that something else may impede the alert notification. These other impediments might be related to

  • the original failure itself (for example, a power failure affecting all systems being monitored)
  • the presence of another issue in the environment (for example, network congestion, firewall failure, and so on)
  • a coincidental problem affecting Onsite Manager's ability to relay the notification (for example, when two different problems impact the critical system as well as Onsite Manager)

Depending on your relationship with your client, you may need to provide proof of the work you are doing on their behalf. Success alerts can be used to show that you have successfully completed your commitment to do work (such as successful backups or patches), and you can use the alert reporting in Barracuda Managed Workplace to document these successes.

You can create an alert category that contains success alerts. After setting up the alert configurations, you can build a report that shows this alert category for a site. When you run the report for a site, it will list all the success alerts that you have received during the specified reporting period.

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