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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Adding a Monitor for Windows Services

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A Windows Services monitor checks that services remain running on a system in order to perform specific tasks that do not require user intervention. Most mission-critical applications on Windows servers use at least one service and many use more than one.

Windows Services monitors only function correctly if the devices being monitored have WMI enabled in Service Center.

What You Can Do

You can configure what happens when Barracuda Managed Workplace notices that a Windows Service is running or not.

To add a monitor for Windows Services
  1. In Service Center, click Configuration > Monitor & Alert  Rules.
  2. From the Site list, select the site where the device is located.
  3. From the Device list, select the device to which you want to add a monitor.
  4. Click Add  Monitor.
  5. Select Windows Services from the list.
  6. Click Add  Monitor.
  7. In the Monitor tab, type a title for the monitor.
  8. Optionally, type a description for the monitor.
  9. Ensure the Enabled check box is selected.
  10. Do one of the following:
    • To select an existing Windows Service to monitor, select it from the Display Name list.
    • To define a new Windows Service to monitor, select the Other check box and type the name of the service in the corresponding box.
  11. From the Monitoring Type list, select the type of monitoring:
    Off - No Monitoring Does not monitor.
    Low - Do not restart the service but raise an alert if one is configured Does not attempt to restart the Windows Service. If an alert is configured, one will be raised.
    Medium - Restart the service, but only raise an alert if restart fails and if an alert is configured Attempts to restart the Windows Service. If an alert is configured, one will be raised only if the restart fails.
    High - Restart the service and raise an alert if one is configured 
    Attempts to restart the Windows Service. If an alert is configured, one will be raised. Alerts will be self-healed during the next polling.
  12. To configure an alert, see Setting Alert Actions.
  13. Click Save.
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